Jeff Landry is the endorsed Pro-Life Candidate

Jeff Landry is the endorsed Pro-Life Candidate for Attorney General

Jeff Landry is the only pro-life endorsed candidate for Attorney General.

In their endorsement, the pro-life and pro-family Family Research Council said Jeff has proven that he will champion the core values of our country: faith, family, and freedom. “Louisiana is looking for an Attorney General who will unashamedly stand for truth and will challenge the Left’s notion that government knows best. We need a strong leader who will fight for Louisiana’s values. We at FRC Action are confident that Jeff Landry will be a strong advocate for limited government, for individual liberties, and for traditional family values… We urge those who care about the future of the family and constitutional government to support Landry,” said Tony Perkins.

As a Congressman representing Louisiana, Jeff joined thousands of other pro-lifers in Washington’s bitter cold January to stand up and speak out for life as a featured speaker at the national March for Life.

For his service in Congress, Jeff Landry had a 100% pro-life voting record, according to the Louisiana Right to Life Federation. Additionally, Landry earned 100% ratings from Concerned Women of America, Eagle Forum, and National Right to Life Committee.