Protecting Families from the Opioid Crisis

Whenever and wherever possible, Jeff Landry is working to protect Louisiana families from the horrific effects of the Opioid crisis. From loved ones stricken with addiction, to the victims of violent crime fueled by the crisis, to taxpayers who are forced to pay the bill for treatments or law enforcement; opioid abuse is impacting us all.

As our Attorney General, Jeff Landry is working to protect us from the Opioid Crisis:

  • Helping save lives by leading a new, statewide effort to place drug take-bake boxes in locations around Louisiana.  When Louisiana citizens can more easily remove unused or unneeded opioid medication from their medicine cabinets it reduces the chance those drugs will fall into the wrong hands.
  • Creating the website in partnership with the Louisiana Ambulance Alliance to help combat opioid abuse in Louisiana.
  • Removing the effects of opioid use – and ending overdoses which can kill family members – by creating the first partnership in Louisiana state history to arm, Police Chiefs, and Fire Chiefs in a collaborative initiative with the medication Naloxone, commonly called Narcan.  Using a $1 million settlement (rather than taxpayer dollars), the Attorney General’s Department of Justice has now made naloxone available to first responders who request the medication.
  • Educating the public and our school kids by making trained staff members from the Attorney General’s Department of Justice available to meet with parental groups, school students, athletic teams, addiction centers, and others to promote good choices and combat opioid abuse.
  • Supporting law enforcement with the Attorney General’s Fugitive Apprehension Unit to take criminals off the street, including an individual on parole for drug offenses who was wanted on Attempted First Degree Murder.
We cannot ignore this crisis.  Attorney General Jeff Landry will not rest in the fight against opioid abuse.