Protecting Our Jobs and Economy

Jeff Landry is working to protect our jobs and Louisiana’s economy. Over taxation and heavy-handed regulation from Washington both threaten jobs and can harm Louisiana’s economy. In some cases, other States or other State Attorneys General push new lawsuits or laws which would indirectly or directly harm our jobs and economic growth in Louisiana.

As our Attorney General, Jeff Landry is fighting for us:

  • Supporting repeal of the federal WOTUS rule which would have cost our State and local governments hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars in compliance costs; money that should be spent on roads, bridges, and ports. The WOTUS Rule could negatively impact thousands of Louisiana landowners, small businesses, and other job creators subjecting them to expensive regulatory control.  Louisiana cannot afford to waste tax dollars on environmental rules designed to give the federal government authority over state, local, and private lands without any benefit to the environment.
  • Joining 17 other State Attorney Generals in asking the President and Congress to enact new laws to ensure Washington politicians and bureaucrats truly understand the costs and negative job impacts of by regulations before they are imposed.
  • Opposing EPA rules from the Obama Administration which would have raised every Louisianan’s electric bill, including electric bills for small business job creators.
  • Helping lead a coalition with other states to file a lawsuit against Massachusetts efforts to regulate farming in a manner harmful to our Louisiana farms and agricultural jobs. Louisiana has nearly 27,000 farm operations across our State. According to the 2012 Census – Louisiana had 10,121 cows and calves farms, 1,504 poultry and egg farms, and 382 hog farms. The State ranks 30th in the Nation for value of agriculture products sold and 20th for sales from poultry.   Jeff also has fought California’s efforts to harm Louisiana’s egg industry.
  • Standing with 19 other states in a legal fight against Washington regulations harming land owners and job creators. In 2016, federal agencies adopted two new rules that allowed the federal government to designate land as “critical habitat” for an endangered species – even if that species did not presently live on that land and even if the land did not possess the biological features necessary for the survival of the species.   It is misguided and lacks common sense.
  • Pushing back on so-called “public nuisance lawsuits” against energy producers, including those who employ large numbers of Louisianans in the oil and gas industry. These lawsuits, filed by liberal cities across America and other Local governments, involve these governments teaming with for-profit attorneys looking to score massive paydays from energy manufacturers.  Joining join 14 other Attorneys General, Jeff filed an  amicus brief supporting dismissal of such a lawsuit in California and did the same in New York.  Louisiana counts on manufacturing for more than one-fifth of our economic output, employing 136,600 workers. A significant portion of this manufacturing comes from the energy industry, which remains one of Louisiana’s leaders in economic impact, taxes paid, and people employed.

As a leader who earned a 100% positive record from America’s largest small business organization, the National Federation of Independent Business, Jeff Landry has a consistent and proven record of standing up for our small businesses, jobs, and our economy.