Protecting Taxpayers

Protecting Louisiana’s hard working taxpayers is a critical component of Jeff Landry’s work as our Attorney General.

As our Attorney General, Jeff Landry is protecting taxpayers:

  • Helping end welfare Medicaid fraud which misspends taxpayer dollars, with significant arrests, putting an end to welfare fraud schemes across Louisiana, and collecting restitution for the taxpayers. Fraud is being stopped. Millions of dollars have been recovered.
  • Saving taxpayer’s money by spending over $10 million less per year than the Attorney General’s Department of Justice was appropriated by the Legislature to spend.
  • Opposing tax increases, including those requested by Governor John Bel Edwards during his first year in office.
  • Improving transparency in spending by being one of the first Constitutional agencies in Louisiana state government to get detailed spending data out to the public on Department of Justice expenditures can now be viewed.
  • Collecting funds owed to the State of Louisiana and reducing pressure to raise taxes. Collections year over year have increased by double digit percentages and through efficiencies achieved in collections operations, the state’s return-on-investment in these efforts has increased over 400%.
  • Successfully joined other states in suing the federal government to stop the Obamacare Health Insurance Providers Fee (HIPF) which forced the State of Louisiana to pay the federal government to help fund the Affordable Care Act. As a result of winning the lawsuit, the federal government was ordered to repay Louisiana over $170,000,000.
  • Reorganized and refocused the Attorney General’s office, the Department of Justice, with a focus on efficiency. As a result, the Attorney General’s Department of Justice has returned actual money to the state, millions of dollars’ worth of direct taxpayer funds.
  • Opposed the release of prisoners, which was championed by the Governor claiming it would save money, when those same prisoners would be eligible to collect taxpayer-funded welfare.

Prior to serving as Louisiana’s Attorney General, Jeff Landry represented a Louisiana District in Congress.

As a first-year member of United States House of Representatives, he returned over $150,000 to the taxpayers as savings from his Congressional office budget.

When it comes to protecting taxpayers, Jeff Landry leads by example.