Protecting Us from Crime

Jeff Landry is protecting us from crime and helping take criminals off the streets. As a former police officer, Sheriff’s Deputy, and federal lawmaker; Jeff Landry is in a unique position as Louisiana’s Attorney General to understand how the law intersects with law enforcement. Jeff will not rest in his efforts to protect us, our families, and job creators from crime.

As our Attorney General, Jeff Landry is fighting crime for us:

  • Created the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation (LBI) within the Department of Justice. This new focus on fighting crime has helped the DOJ apprehend criminals and assist other law enforcement agencies.
  • Maintained a strong Cyber Crimes Unit to protect Louisiana children from child predators. This has resulted in hundreds of arrests and significant successful prosecutions, including the arrest of an illegal alien arrested for indecent behavior.  Over 376.3 TB of data (equivalent of 94 billion pages of paper printed on both sides) has been processed in the search for criminals.
  • Encouraged the Fugitive Apprehension Unit who has made over 486 arrests, clearing 878 outstanding warrants – taking criminals off the streets. Multiple individuals wanted for murder were removed from the public.
  • Supported the Violent Crimes Unit who has made dozens of arrests seizing illegal funds, narcotics, and firearms. The Unit helped solve a homicide and provide assistance to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security in protecting our State.
  • Placed a new focus on stopping Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Sexual Assault. With dedicated staff resources the Department has conducted over a dozen sexual assault and domestic violence trainings, created the Break the Silence on Domestic Violence Campaign partner with local Louisiana businesses, and has lead the Sexual Assault Oversight Commission.  The Louisiana DOJ has also made multiple human trafficking arrests including of individuals attempting to sexual traffic children.
  • Enhanced efforts to stop Medicaid Welfare Fraud. The DOJ has made hundreds of arrests and achieved more than 200 convictions.  Over $67,000,000 in taxpayer money is in recovery.  Resources should go to those who are truly needy, not those who criminally work to profit off the taxpayers.
  • To protect Senior Citizens, job creators, and families; Attorney General Jeff Landry expanded Consumer Protection outreach by sending field representatives into communities and doing new outreach on social media to inform the public of scams which could do them harm.

Attorney General Jeff Landry will not rest in his support for efforts to protect our communities from crime.